Who are slonic Design?
Slonic Design was founded by Tony and Iryna, as a husband and wife partnership. Both of us having had a lifelong passion for all things to do with IT and computing.

Tony, a former dentist, was involved in the development of the first dedicated dental practice software and ran one of the first dental practices in the UK to be fully computerised. This included self installation of the network, and configuration of the PC's and servers. In the late 1980's and early 1990's, his dental practice was selected to be one of just18 practices in the UK to pilot and develop the electronic interchange of data within the NHS. This later became the NHS web which is now the standard means of communicating within the NHS.

Tony produced his first web site for his own dental practice 20 years ago when the web was in its infancy and before the development of such useful web design aids as Dreamweaver, Fireworks and Photoshop.

Since taking early retirement from dentistry in 2004, Tony has been involved with the development and running of numerous web sites including www.covent-garden.co.uk, www.strollon.com, www.cartemap.com, www.gcraigharvey.com, www.vistagram.co.uk (formerly www.mapscape.net) .

Tony is still the webmaster for www.covent-garden.co.uk and was instrumental in the design, production and drawing of the central London 3D map used on covent-garden.co.uk, vistogram.co.uk, and cartemap.com.

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Iryna has also had a lifetime passion for all things IT but where Tony was more into the 'technical' side Iryna is more into the design side and understanding the intricacies of programs like Dreamweaver, Photoshop and the use of CSS. Iryna is bi-lingual in Russian and English and for a long time was the administrator of the computer club in her home town of Minsk, Belarus.

Iryna is a CIW professional (Certified Internet Web Professional) and is particularly interested in the design and appearance of web sites and the use of graphics and photographs. She is especially determined to get the very best out of all photographs so that they look their absolute best, whether being used individually on a web page or as part of a web gallery or slide show.

Iryna likes the challenge of taking old deteriorating photographs, which are often unique and of great sentimental value, and restoring them to their former glory.

Slonic Design's recent portfolio includes a remake of Tony's first dental web site, a Nursery School web site, a commercial lingerie site, various gallery and slide show presentations, and restored historically valuable photographs.

Slonic Design also has an impressive selection of high quality images which can be downloaded for your own personal use. Please see our gallery section on our MostPhotos and Flickr accounts.

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Why Slonic? Well, why not? Slonic is russian for elephant and we both have a passion for elephants.
They are extremely intelligent and hard working, whilst at the same time being caring and sensitive. In addition they can be very artistic and creative.

At the end of the day where does any trading name come from. It has some meaning to the people who chose it, as well as being memorable and catchy.

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For a bit of fun take a look at this video of an elephant painting a self portrait!!

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